How To Hang A Hammock Without Trees (Four Best Ways)

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If you had always related hammocks to trees, you were only a bit derailed in your daydreaming course. Although trees do increase the feel and the experience of lounging in a hammock camping a hundred times more, it isn’t that without trees, and you won’t be able to put up your hammock. For that, you will need to know how to hang a hammock without the trees.

For a quick overview, you will need only one of the next things: a hammock stand, fence posts, or pillars, or porch posts, hammock hanging kit. Even your car may come in handy, but we will save that save that bit for later!

How To Hang a Hammock Without Trees


How To Hang a Hammock Without Trees (4 Simple Ways)

Here are 4 of our best bets

Hammock Frame

This is the first thing that comes to mind when we are thinking about having no trees near at hand. Did you know that the reason why these frames were created was because of the lack of trees in certain areas?

Anyway, even if you do have trees in your area, but you don’t want to hurt them, you can use a frame. You can find frames of metal or wood, styled in different structures for your hammock under-quilt. The primary thing you should remember is that wherever you place the frame, it should be able to hold up your hammock. They are usually portable and super easy to set up.

You will find two rails on the frame parallel to the ground and hooks at the end for attaching the hammock. The terms of such frames are upward sloping and help you find the right height at which you want to hang the thing.

Fence Post

If you want to know how to hang a hammock indoors, here’s another catch: using fence posts. You can set 5 by 5 inches of these posts on the ground (or have them drilled to the concrete floor) to act as your fake trees.

You can go as you like with the height of the posts as long as it is tall enough to hold your hammock and still have some portion left.

Remember that the extra part of the posts will go underground/under concrete, too, so be careful. A few feet of additional space after the hanging should be just beautiful. Placing the fences 15 to 18 feet apart should give you a suitable distance.

You can dig holes 13 inches wide and 4 inches of gravel in with a shovel. The gravel helps in water drainage later. Mix concrete with gravel and carry on with the process. Take help from your engineering friends if you’re not confident enough!

Porch Post

Posts across the railing of your porch can also come in handy if you fancy. But they have this drawback of tumbling down with you so you will definitely fall.

If you don’t want to hurt yourself, do this instead. Use strong posts with your front porch, given that the distance we mentioned above remains in between the two. Go for posts that have no railing on them. Once you find the right position (should be between corners to let the room maintain its natural look), use heavy-duty hooks and slip-resistant straps to hang the hammock next.


The last thing that we want to tell you about is how to hang a hammock on a stand. These stands come in all forms and styles and can be set up anywhere indoors or in your backyard, given that it doesn’t obstruct your regular living.

Fit the needs of your hammock, take the help of the hammock hanging kits and adhere to the space available to the stand, and you will have it set up in no time!

What if I have Just One Tree in Hand?

Now about how to hang a hammock indoors without any drilling.

Some of the activities in the methods mentioned may require some drilling, shoveling, and hammering. If you don’t have time for all of that, we totally get you. Stands can help you, and they don’t need drilling, even frames may help.

But what if you don’t have any of these?

Say, you have only one tree nearby and your car with you. Can you hang the hammock?

Yes! Just use that one tree and find a spot on the vehicle where you can tie the other end. For this other end, make sure you’re not damaging the car. Don’t hang it on the mirrors; use the bedding of the pickup for best results.

Final Word

By now, you know that all we know about how to hang a hammock without trees! These may need you to drill or not drill, purchase things, or not purchase something. You can try any of the methods I mentioned above, and with the right hammock with you and patience, of course, you will be able to help yourself. You can also go creative as long as no one’s hurt!


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