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Just as we are on the hunt for the best hammocks, we also like to keep our eyes open for the best wooden hammock stands. Tell us if we are wrong, but what is more fun than kicking back and relaxing, arms hanging, feet swinging, and humming while lying down in a hammock?

Reading in a hammock, yes. Listening to good music in a hammock, that too. It is not only good for your mental peace, but also has physical benefits of lowering stress levels and blood pressure.

All are too good if your backyard has spaced out trees where you can attach your hammock and have fun. But if you don’t have trees, why give up on so many benefits you could extract if you got yourself a stand only. And even better, what if the stand gives you fresh off the forest vibes with their wooden structures?

That is why we brought together these wood hammock stands to DIY and relax in.

Product Reviews on the Best Wooden Hammock Stand

Here is a list of heavy-duty hammock stands

Best Wooden Hammock Stand (Recommended)
LA SIESTA Paloma Olive - Cotton Double Classic Hammock with Sustainable Wood Arc Stand
  • Double hammock for 1-2 people - 355 lb weight capacity - most comfortable when lying diagonally. Pure high-quality cotton with long fibers is soft to the touch, vibrantly colorful, lint-free, and durable
  • The number of suspension cords contributes to the comfort and durability of your hammock: the more cords there are, the more even the distribution of weight – providing a feeling of utter weightlessness
  • STAND: Thanks to a high-pressure lamination process and a special waterproofing method, this stand can be left outside throughout the whole hammock season
  • STAND: Thanks to the patented QuickExtend system, adapting the tautness of your hammock is a matter of seconds
  • STAND: Length: 14 ft 1 in / Height: 5 ft 2 in / Base width: 4 ft 9 in / Surface: 4 ft 9 in x 6 ft 7 in / Carrying capacity: 440 lbs / Material description: spruce (FSC certified)

Wood Curved Arc Hammock Stand 

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This stand of the set is made using one hundred percent Russian Pinewood and has been coated with varnish to preserve the shine of the wood.

The hammock of the set takes quilted cotton fabric, which is quite durable and can hold two people max, with a weight capacity of 275 lbs. The suspension rings and chains are made of steel and can be used as your level suits.

You will find the total appeal of the wooden stand and the colorful hammock very appealing. The setup is quite easy too. You have to hold everything first, not tightening one by one loosely, then hand-tighten, and finally hit the bolt to have it ready.

Sunbrella Fabric Hammock

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This is also made of Russian pine. However, you are suggested to bring it indoors in excessively bad weather to make it last longer.

The hammock is made of sunbrella fabric, known for being super resistant and durable and never fading. You will find polyester ropes with the hammock and wooden stretcher bars.

It has a capacity of weight 450 lbs, and the loops are heavy-duty and sturdy enough for the handling. It is easy to get on and off and quite a piece of art with clear instructions for setting up. 

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10 Ft Wooden Hammock Stand with Cotton Hammock

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This is a very soothing hammock stand to the eyes, coming in a monochrome dusty pink and strong wooden colors.

The stand is made of Russian Larch wood, known for its strength/firmness as the king of woods. It also had a wood oil coating to make it easy for you to clean stains and protect the stand.

The hammock has spreader bars and is made of polyester-cotton fabric and is super comfortable. The fishtail ropes and superior hardware lets it hold 264 lbs at ease. With all parts disassembled, it is quite a treat to carry and rest in. Get your backyard ready for this beautiful piece.

Solid Combo Wood Hammock

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This again brings us back to Pinewood stands, and the hammock in it is made of cotton. There is a double cotton bed with polyester strings supporting its ends.

The adjustable hooks let you find your perfect elevation and cocoon preference. With a capacity of 450 pounds, it easily holds two people at a time. This is a space-saving one, designed quite nicely. You get an excellent bargain for what you are paying because although you can buy something better than this, at this price, you wouldn’t find a better hammock. Snuggle with your pup and enjoy the embrace of the hammock.

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Wooden Arc Hammock Stand

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This is the first one that is stand-only, minus the hammock. So you have quite the freedom here to pick your desired hammock or install your previously owned hammock here.

The wooden stand has been both water-treated and given a teak-stain finish. It can bear a combined weight of 2 people less than 450 lbs.

You can assemble the hammock following the easy instructions that come with it and have it set up below 30 minutes. Since it is a bit heavy, we suggest you take a partner, and after you are done, swing and relax in this stylish piece.

Teak Wooden Arc Hammock Stand

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Here is another one from Petra Leisure, a wooden arc made of Teak wood. It has been treated with water and given a stain satin finish.

The hammock is a double, quilted one and can resist the exploitation of the weather as well as the threat of fading. People under 6.5 feet and 450 pounds can have their relaxation here.

The instructions, even if available are not so great, so you have to be handy here. It turns out wide, beautifully shaped, with nice frames and is very accommodating for you or the kids to play in. 

15 ft Wooden Arc Hammock Stand with Chains and Hooks

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This is also a stand with chains and hooks only; no hammocks. It stands nearly 15 ft tall and can hold hammocks with spreader bars from 11.5-13.5 feet in length. It can support 330 lbs with its built.

It is easy to assemble and is sturdy enough to get you showers of compliments from your guests when they take a seat or lie in.

However, the stain should have been better since the wood-like vibe is lost to the finishing. Otherwise, you will be pleased with this hammock stand. You can set it up in your backyard or patio or outdoor living room and chill out!

10 Foot Russian Pine Hardwood Arc Frame Hammock Stand

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In order to protect the stand from fading and losing its appeal, it has been treated with varnish. This one features a hundred percent Russian Pine wood stand and no, there are no hammocks included with the stand.

But the necessary tools and hardware required to set up the stand have been included with it. The stand is a little above 10 feet and has a weight capacity of 450 pounds.

It fits almost all the hammocks you could throw at it, with its chains and hooks that come along the stand. However, it is comparatively smaller, so throw wisely.

Solid Pine Wood Arc Hammock Stand

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This has a very raw, woody texture to it that makes it perfect for the outdoors and as a rustic inclusion indoors. Although all the stands on the list today are made of wood, this looks like this was carved straight out of the wood.

On top of it, there has been a treatment of weather-resistant wood oil. You will feel as if you are hanging between trees and not a stand in this stand.

Your non-spreader bar hammock will work with it easily, even though they mentioned it was meant for the spreader bar ones. It is a very elegant structure all in all.

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14 Foot Russian Pine Hardwood Arc Frame Hammock Stand

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The list started with and will end with a Russian pine stand! Although it has a fade-resistant varnish, do not put it outdoors when the sky isn’t too clear.

These precautions are necessary if you don’t want to buy another hammock soon enough. Assembling it is simple; it comes with chains, spreader bars made of wood and S-hooks. The heavy-duty loops can bear 450 pounds easily, so here’s a stand for two. The design of a crescent arc makes it very standard and elevates the lushness of even the simplest backyards.

Buying Guide on the Best Wood Hammock Stand

  1. Hammock stands generally give you a good value for money. But that doesn’t mean you will not consider the cost when buying them and that anything goes. But that does not limit your spending, and you may be confused, but know that you’ll find perfect quality and craftsmanship under hundred dollars.
  2. Don’t buy cheap ones even if they advertise it as good quality. It would snap, break, have bad finishing, and misaligned loops.
  3. For the ones that come with a hammock, look for reinforced cotton, sunbrella, cotton blends, or polyester fabrics in the bed. Pay as much attention to the material of hardware and chains.
  4. Get a hammock that holds more than one person.
  5. You can get a portable hammock stands with wheels or ones that just stay still.
  6. Check the dimensions and weight capacity while you are at it.

Final Word

The best wooden hammock stands will only be the best as long as they fit your needs. Before getting yourself a hammock, do the pretesting as regards to spacing, convenience, location and such.

Don’t get that thing first and decide or regret later. When buying the stands only, make it very steadily as our hammock may or may not fit the stand. Get versatile pieces and pick it rightly to get the best relaxation from it.





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