Best Portable Hammock Stand for Camping

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However, lovely your hammock is, yet portable; it does fall back as a favorite when you think about its dependence on trees. Now, you possibly can’t make the trees travel with you when you’re camping. Hence, we had this idea of reviewing some of the best portable hammock stand to let you carry your fun along with you. (And a partner, too.)

Product Reviews on the best portable hammock stand

Here is our collection of the best portable hammock stands:

Best Portable Hammock Stand (Recommended)
ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters Pod Triple Hammock Stand, Charcoal
  • RELAXATION STATION: Grab your friends and chill with the ENOpod Hammock Stand; It holds 3 hammocks (sold separately) for the ultimate group hangout
  • QUICK SETUP: With quick-release parts designed for easy assembly (and takedown), you’ll be kicking back with your friends in no time; No tools needed
  • BRING THE PARTY: Take your favorite spot with you! ENOpod breaks down easily so you can set up for a weekend at a festival or a day at the beach
  • WEATHERPROOF: Features an outdoor-ready design with powder-coated steel that stands up to sun, wind and rain and resists rust and scratches
  • STURDY: ENOpod safely supports up to 400 lbs per hammock; It measures 10’2” x 11’ x 4’4” when fully assembled and weighs 101 lbs

Best Portable Heavy Duty Hammock Stand (9-foot Steel)

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This stand has been made for a hammock as long as 9 feet, with a holding capacity of 440 lbs. You can use it both inside (if you have enough space to spare) and outside your house. The metal has a powder-coat that makes the hammock resistant to rough weather.

Another thing is that it is super easy to build and then take down if you want to shift. Thanks to the carrying case, you have all your pieces together in a bag. Just camp on and change places with your hammock traveling with you. You will get a sturdy built from the stand, and it is quite far from being wobbly.

Even on a windy day, it doesn’t topple over or get knocked down by the wind. Both the stand and the case itself are of excellent quality. It should be able to hold two people, but in practice, it does better when you go as much as 400 lbs.

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 15ft Steel Beam Hammock Stand

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In order to make it stable, the materials used in the hammock are spring pins and heavy-duty, 12-gauge steel. These make the poles to interlock sturdily. For making it durable, the joints have 360-degree welding, and to protect it from the attack of bugs and from being damaged by water, there are vinyl caps in the ends.

It is made outdoor-friendly, with its protective, rust-resisting powder finish. The hanging hooks on the stand are adjustable to help you change positions with different hammocks. The chains can also help you adjust the heights, plus other than these, is that the stand comes pre-assembled to some point; you only have to add to it.

So, that saves a lot of setup time too. It is heavier than other stands and has long legs above the ground. You will find it easy to deal with without needing any tools.

Multi Use Heavy Duty Steel Hammock Stand

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You can fit all your small and large hammocks in this stand using the hardware and chains that come with it. Although the stands themselves weigh only 25 pounds, they have a capacity to hold 550 pounds. In this Brazilian-style hammock stand, you can contain 9.5 to 14 feet hammocks.

The sturdy frame is coated with one and a half inches of tubular powder with steel, and this prevents rust from forming on the stand and adds to its longevity. With the stand, you get two chains measuring 18 inches each, four plastic feet, two heavy-gauge hooks, and two hanging hooks.

In order to set up the hammock, you don’t need anything special or extra. All you have to do is use the spring/snap mechanism of the buttons to join stuff together, and things will lock. The spreading design of the hammock legs makes it susceptible to no-tip. For the size and structure, it isn’t as portable but more than good in quality.

10-foot Steel Portable Hammock Stand 

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This is also made from 12-gauge steel, which is super strong and hence makes your hammock stand very sturdy. A unique thing about the hammock stand is that it comes with an accessory stand, where you can store your things when you enjoy your time in the hammock.

There is a book holder for those of you who love to read. There is a phone holder, but we doubt you’d hardly use that, tech-savvy reader! There are also 2 cup holders. One you could use for water and the other for coffee. It has the same powdered finish to protect itself from bad weather. It comes with a carrying case for you to disengage the whole thing and carry stuff together. If you can set things right, which is actually quite a breeze of a task, you will love your relaxation corner.

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Hammock Stand Heavy Duty Indoor Outdoor Steel Black (9 ft)

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Similar steel construction and powder-coating are visible here in this hammock stand as there were in the previous ones. On the end of the metal tubes, there are plastic caps added for a rounded finish on the whole thing. In each of these ends, you will find a total of 6 holes, with 4 inches of space between them. This lets you adjust the hook according to your liking.

The stand itself is straightforward to put together, with eight knobs to join five separate pieces. Here, you have the advantage of a carrying bag, to let you carry and change your hammock and its position. Since the stand is 9 feet long, it takes up much less space than other stands, and hence works as a space-saving accessory if you are planning to place it indoors. But if you are putting a heavyweight on it for prolonged periods, be ready for a stretched outstand.

Heavy Duty 3-Beam Hammock Stand

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The legs of the stands are coated with zinc; as you know, zinc prevents rust from forming on metals. The legs are particularly saved owing to the fact that the total weight depends on these boys, so they need to be made safe from the elements. You won’t need any tools to assemble the stand and can do it in a matter of a few minutes.

The welding on the stands, the baked enamel paint on it, the steel poles of all things confirm the high quality of the stand. With a weight capacity of 450 lbs, it can easily carry two persons and even two small children without tipping over. So you are winning here, in terms of weight-bearing. The dis-aggregation of the stand is pretty simple too. You just have to push the tubing release points. The engineering and the design seem durable overall. And it works well in both winter and summer, or even if you are on the beach.

Hammock Stand Fit for 12-15 Feet Hammock

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It has qualities fit for both a single or a double nest and works just as fine with both spreader and non-spreader bar hammock, which you will not get from most of the hammock stands. With the stand, you will get two chains and 2 S-hooks. The construction features the 12-gauge heavy-duty steel in 2-inch diameter tubes, which is powder-coated for effective use over time.

There are protective caps at the end of the tubes. These make the sharp edges blunted and smoothed out, in case you are planning to place them indoors where your kids are mounting and dismounting the hammock again and again. Two adults can easily occupy the hammock since it has a weight capacity of 550 lbs, the heaviest till now. The interlocking system using spring pins allows easy assembly, security, and stability. You may sway in the blowing breeze; your hammock won’t!

14 Ft. Teak Wooden Arc Hammock Stand

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This is very different from the portable hammock stands we have been seeing and dealing with till now. The wooden stand measure 14 inches and has been water-treated and stained for the perfect wooden finish. Its weight capacity is 450 lbs, enough to make room for two persons. Another enjoyable and unique thing about it is that it comes with a hammock.

There is actually a quilted hammock bed here in shades of teal and yellow. You may wonder that the hammock, if kept outdoors, the stand can tolerate the weather, but what about the quilted bed?

Don’t worry as it is made both fade and weather-resistant. There are variations in the hammock color as well as the wood stain pattern. Lastly, this hammock makes an easy-going, sturdy, well-finished, double-padded, comforting, and designer piece. You just have to find your curve preference.

Then it won’t be hard for you to get on and off the hammock once you have balanced the length of the chains and the hammock.

Hammock Stand, Heavy Duty

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This is the heaviest-duty portable stand on the list today, safely with a carrying limit of 600 lbs. So it would be safe to say it can hold the weight of 3 grown persons. You will find it in 3 colors: black, green and mocha. And to us, mocha makes the best appearance.

There is rust-resistant paint on the beams. End to end, it measures 15 feet. With all the necessary hardware, you can adjust your hammocks to this versatile stand. The spring pin assembly requires no tools and hardly 5 minutes for the whole thing to be up and standing.

The welds we found are quite strong. If the crossbars were round, you would not have the trouble of grass being dug up when moving it from place to place. Comparing it with a heavier to handle one, this is more reasonable. The way you get depends on your assembly, which is easy, so things should work out for you.

2-Person Space Saving Brazilian Hammock Stand

This is specially designed for non-spreader bar hammocks, and the spreader bar ones won’t naturally work here. Ring to ring, you will get a space of 10-12.5 feet. It has the same metal build and powdered finish that we have learned to expect from quality hammock stands.

Traveling and camping become very easy with this stand since it comes with a carrying case. Since most of the things come tightened, you don’t have to put much effort other than putting one thing on the other and joining pieces, minus any sort of tools. With adjustable hooks, you can easily switch your hammocks.

For a lightweight hammock stand that is easy to carry, it does a great job carrying two persons and letting them relax and have fun.

Buying Guide for the best portable camping hammock stand

These hammock stands can be the best portable hammock stand for hiking as well as camping. A versatile and cheap hammock stand is all that you are supposed to look for. Keep the following points in mind when buying the portable stand:

  1. The longevity of the hammock stand depends on what material has been used in making it. We have seen wood and metal so far. A rustic look that is more durable calls for wood and a modern, edgy look calls for metal. Wood is not so portable compared to metal, not so long-lasting as it. But your stand’s durability also depends on the care you take of it.
  2. Your hammock stand need not be light. But it should be reasonably heavy. More than that, and you will have trouble carrying it in the bag.
  3. Needless to say, your hammock stand’s capacity should be more than your weight. It usually has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. But it can extend to as much as 1000 lbs. It depends, which one you prefer according to the number of people you want to share it with.
  4. Your stand can handle one hammock or more than one, that is your pick.
  5. Some hammocks come pre-assembled while others need tools. You can pick the one according to your will of usage of tools.

Final Word

Where you camp, it could be that there are plenty of trees, and you don’t need hammock stands. But think again. You’ll need to change places, and there could be bugs and spiders on the trees, and spiders alone should be enough for you to decide that depending on trees is not so smart, always.

You take as much as 10 minutes to set up a portable hammock stand and as little as 3 minutes with some. Since they aren’t too pricey and are so convenient and value-adding, you’ll make good buying one of the best portable hammock stands.




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