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As easy as it seems, buying the best hammock for camping is, in reality, a lot is going on. When you start your research, what we previously called “preparation”, you will wonder at the types of hammocks there are in the market. And you know what’s the worst?

Getting the hammocks that we used to see in our favorite childhood cartoons: the rope ones that Tom the cat often lied in.

So, as soon as you realize you don’t have much idea as to which hammocks to buy, at the same time, it hits your brain that you don’t want to splurge on it. Also, it needs to be something that is comfortable and lasts as long as you like it.

This cust out plenty of the fake ones from your list, and leaves you with much lesser options. From them, we picked the top 15 and that we plan on talking about here.

Best Hammock For Camping (Recommended)
Hennessy Hammock Jungle Explorer Zip - Lightweight Camping and Survival Shelter for Hikers, Boy Scouts, Preppers, Soldiers, Military Units, Explorers, Scientific and Medical Expeditions.
  • JUNGLE EXPLORER ZIP XL 100% bug proof 40d double bottom; Holds the accessory Heat-Reflecting DoubleBubble Padd between the layers on the correct diagonal; Designed for anyone up to 7 ft and 300 lbs / 213 cm and 136 kg; Side entry with full length strong 10YKK zipper
  • COMPLETE system: 30d No-See-Um mosquito mesh; 70d polyester rainfly; 1800 lb / 818 kg polyester ropes; Gear loft slides on ridge line; Elastic "hold open" for mesh so you can watch the stars on clear, bug free nights; Complimentary webbing straps to protect trees
  • LEGENDARY camping shelter uncompromising in design, materials and workmanship. There are countless tiny improvements that only 40 years of effort could achieve but you can feel as soon as you stretch out in this hammock and close your eyes
  • ASYMMETRIC shape conforms to your anatomy providing exceptional comfort when lying on the diagonal; Structural ridgeline assures the exact same bed every night and a perfect setup every time US Patent US6865757B2; US patent US20090165205A1
  • MORE INFO: One year on materials and workmanship; Weight: 3 lb / 1360 g; Compact size: 4" x 7" x 19" / 10 cm x 18 cm x 23 cm; Color: Forest green with black trim

Product Reviews on the Best Hammock for Camping

Here are the 15 hammocks we talked about earlier

Hammock Camping Double & Single with Tree Straps

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If you are some kind of people who prefer hammocks that speak for you in terms of color and style, there are plenty of options to choose from Wise Owl Outfitters.

There are variations featuring the combination of navy blue/light blue, black/grey, blue/grey, crimson/charcoal, green/khaki, fuchsia/sky blue, etc. Such hammocks can be of both single and double sizes.

The material used in making the hammocks, includes 210T Parachute Nylon, which is soft to touch and rest in but super active when it comes to durability.

In the stitching, you will not find any popped stitches or fraying. The quality and construction are praiseworthy for all the gears. Of the two hammocks, the SingleOwl one is for one person, measuring 4.5 ft wide, 9 ft long and weighing 15 oz., whereas, the DoubleOwl, which is for two persons, measures 6.5 ft wide, 10 ft long and weighs 26 oz. If you are more than 6’2” this may not be the right one for you and give you cramps, but below that and under 190 lbs, you will be comfortable in your nest!

To set up the hammock, you can take the help of tree straps and carabiners that come with it, so don’t fret about tying knots. Just find sturdy trees and get set for the ultimate relaxation.

  • Very high-quality product.
  • Plenty of vivid color options to choose from.
  • No cut corners and exposed cords.
  • Not for people too tall.

Double Hammock for Camping

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The color and style options, although limited in this double hammock, are enough to pick one from. The options include black/grey, charcoal/red, blue/grey, grey/green, grey/royal, and orange grey.

It can support a weight of 500 pounds of two people combined. Or you can use it for your many little kids as their playtime partner! There is room for plenty even after you have mounted it with a partner or the kids.

The same 210T Nylon has been used in making this double hammock. For the best backpacking, this hammock will give you both relaxation and support.

Since it is very lightweight, you can use it to travel. Also, it is elementary to set up and bring down. This double hammock in its entire package contains the hammock itself that measures one hundred and eighteen inches in length and seventy-eight inches in width, two hammock straps that measure ten feet altogether, and two carabiners made of steel.

A perfect hammock for tent campers to beachgoers and everyone in between.

  • Breathable and mildew-resistant built.
  • Supportive and secure hammock
  • Large and comfortable.
  • The only problem you may have with the colors, not so vivid.

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Single Hammock for Camping

best hammock for camping

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This is the same hammock as the previous one, only for a single person this time. It is available in 4 color options, namely, charcoal/red, grey/blue, grey/royal and orange/grey. It can easily fit people under 400 pounds and that too, comfortably. The hammock is made of 210T Nylon, which makes it both durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Its lightweight dress makes it very suitable for camping and traveling. In length, it measures one hundred and eight inches, and in width, it measures fifty-five inches.

In the package, you get the single hammock itself, two basic straps for the hammock, measuring 10.5 ft in total, and two carabiners made of solid steel, making it a perfect camping partner.

Other than camping, you can use the hammock as a means of accommodation of stayover friends and family. We know in the holiday seasons, your houses get jam-packed with guests, and of course, everyone needs a place to lie down at the end of the day.

Instead of getting so many beds, which is troublesome, expensive, and impractical, get yourself a couple of these single hammocks and set them up for your guests!

  • Very good looking and comfortable.
  • Too easy to set up even kids can do it.
  • Incredible quality compared to competitors.
  • Does not come with adjustable straps.

Double and Single Camping Hammocks

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Both double and single-size camping hammocks are available from ProVenture in 4 different color options. With the package, you get the hammock itself, carabiners made of solid steel, nautical-grade rope, and tree straps measuring 9 ft in length. 

You do not necessarily need stands for this one. Anything from indoor bed hooks, poles, boat masts to even trees in the backyard or the forest are good with it. No more sleeping on hard grounds as there is maximum comfort you can derive from these hammocks!

The material used in making the hammock used in making the hammocks is breathable and fast-drying Parachute Nylon. This is also very strong and can hold your weight without giving you pain.

The construction features triple-interlock stitching, which makes it ready for your backyard adventure as well as your camping in the woods. There is a drawstring sack with the hammock that you can use to fit your accessories in.

Although this has been made for single-person use, trying to include all body types, it can often fit more than one. It is 10 feet and 6 inches long, and the width is 6 feet 6 inches, with a total weight capacity of 400 pounds.

  • Cheaper than other competitive hammock brands.
  • Comes with its own straps.
  • Stretchable material that doesn’t tear upon usage.
  • The problems may be with the colors.

Camping Hammock Double & Single

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Find your ultimate comfort swaying in this beautiful hammock with your loved one, pets, or kids. The hammock are available in both single and double sizes and a variety of colors, including the combinations of orange/grey, dark red/grey, sky blue/grey, lake blue/gold, green/dark green, violet/pink, etc. Most of the options are grey. However, there are exceptions.

Each of hammocks is made of durable and strong 210T Parachute fabric. This fabric makes it an anti-fraying, anti-tearing, dirt-resisting, and quick-drying one. Even after you have washed the hammock of its dirt, it dries quickly and easily.

The hammock for one measures 108 inches in length and 55 inches in width and can hold up to 180 kilograms of weight. The double hammock is 118 inches long and 78 inches wide, holding a weight of almost 227 kilograms. It can be folded and put inside the small carrying sack that comes with it.

Other than the hammocks, you get tree straps measuring 10 feet long, used to lock the carabiners to any of the 19 loops for the perfect elevation, adjustment and comfort according to your preference. You will be relieved of the effort of tying knots and doing damage to the trees.

  • Great for humid and damp weather.
  • Lightweight and compact to carry.
  • Roomy and comfortable.
  • The carabiners and straps could be stronger.

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Portable hammock, 2 Person Hammock for Travel

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There are plenty of color options to pick from here, so we don’t want to waste time discussing every single one of them. What matters is the utility, and we will be speaking of just that bit.

The hammock is ten feet long and six feet wide and made of 210T, 75D nylon Taffeta, which is known for both the comfort it can provide and the strength that it can bear.

The panels of the hammock have reinforced triple stitching mechanism that makes mounting this one safe and satisfying. Although it says it can hold 500 pounds, it has been tested for 800, and it readily holds that weight as well.

What you get with the package includes the hammock itself and all its necessary hardware, such as 2 ten feet long tactical-grade ropes which have been reinforced to carry as much as 2000 lbs without fail and D-shaped carabiners made of solid steel. Just find your set of poles or trees indoors or outdoors, set it up and hop in.

Folded with everything, it weighs on one and a half pounds, so use it for backpacking, camping, or anything you wish and hence claiming itself as one of the best lightweight camping hammocks.

  • Has more than enough room for average weight and height of users.
  • Can sleep in both diagonal and flat sleeping positions.
  • Durable with excellent straps.
  • Don’t let the breeze in, so not for summer usage.

Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock

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It is not so possible, or even fair, that we speak of hammocks, and ENO does not make a list. So, we did only what is natural and included this favorite brand in our list as one of the best ultralight hammocks.

The forest/charcoal one does not grab your attention from 10 miles apart, and if you plan on a secret hideout or an adventure without disturbing the members of the environment, here is one beautiful color.

Other than this, there are plenty of options, such as the Sunshine, Rasta that will grab your visitor’s attention from miles away!

This SingleNest hammock, as ENO likes to call them, is meant for a single person when you want some me-time and aren’t quite in the mood for space-sharing. As good as it is for your backyard, as an outdoor adventure partner, it does equally good.

Because it weighs only 16 ounces with everything packed, it makes for a great traveling and camping option. It is nearly nine and a half feet long and over four and a half feet wide, supporting 400 pounds of your body weight with ease.

Highly tenacious 70D Nylon Taffeta has been used in making this hammock, which makes it very breathable. You will find aluminum wire gate carabiners with the hammock and nautical-grade lines, but no straps. This is the only thing you have to see besides a pair of trees for your hammock.

  • One of the most looked-for partners in hammock camping.
  • Better carabiners than most ones available in the market.
  • Good quality material.
  • If you are above 6 feet, get the DoubleNest for more room.

Camping Hammock | Bundle Includes Mosquito Net, Rain Fly, Tree Straps, & Compression Sack

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For those who have been looking, we have finally come to entertain you with the best camping hammock with a mosquito net and rainfly.

With the bundle from Lost Valley, you will get a single hammock, the rainfly, the net, two tree straps, two aluminum carabiners, two stakes, and two guylines. Reinforced, ultra-strong Parachute Nylon has been used in making the hammock.

With all the stitching and knitting, it can bear a weight of 350 pounds. Inside the hammock, you will get a pouch to keep your accessories while you are lunging, taking a couple of more pounds for you.

Fitting all the components in your drawstring bag, you can lift the weight of 4 pounds to walk along and carry as you go camping, changing places.

Although there has been an unnecessary complication on the bug net as in extra lines and elastic loops to keep it in, it is very useful to keep insects away. You can customize it yourself with grosgrain if you don’t like it, but it actually does a great job keeping things out once you get on the net.

Since there is a lot of netting, fine in form and close together, there are no concerns, not even with airflow, so that you don’t suffocate. The suspension system is excellent too. The tarp is well-sized, double-stitched, and taped, thereby giving out good coverage and handling gusts of wind as they come and go, well.

  • The adjustable strap system is very handy.
  • Lightweight and built to last.
  • Rainfly is big and covers well.
  • Does not come with instructions.

Camping Hammock with Net

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If you want to sleep safely from mosquitoes outdoors in your hammock, here is another one that comes with a net. This hammock is 8 feet and 9 inches in length and 2 feet 8 inches in width and is able to carry a weight of 440 pounds. It comes with straps, nautical ropes and carabiners, so you need to look only for poles to hang this up.

The same woven 210T Nylon fabric has been used in making the hammock. The triple-stitching method and the unique pattern in which the whole thing holds itself and you in it makes it able to reduce the pressure upon mounting weight on it.

You can enjoy a comfortable sleep without the fear of falling midway through or having any other issues. Speaking of points, you won’t have problems with losing your net, since this remains on the hammock itself, attached to it. So of the many things you can lose, the bug net is not one. All the straps and hookups are well-made, making the setup very decent.

  • Keeps bugs away.
  • Can be used on your patio between poles.
  • Looks just as pictured and comfortable.
  • The tree straps can be improved.

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Single Parachute Hammock (2 Tree Straps 10 Loops/20 ft Included)

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Here is the best deal for those who have been looking for an all-black camping hammock that fits your wardrobe and your ardent love for the color black.

If you were bored and even wore a grimace at the sight of all the colorful nuisances in your eyes, here is a gothic beauty that will suit your taste. But mind you, there are color options here. And it isn’t so wise to decide on colors, so here are the specifications.

For starters, this a single-size hammock that can bear the weight of 500 pounds. It is made of Parachute Nylon that we know for its strength by now, and the seams are triple-stitched for durability. It measures 108 inches long and 55 inches wide, just the regular size for hammocks.

The straps that come with it are super strong and can carry a weight of up to 1000 lbs. There is a pouch inside the hammock to hold all your camping essentials, too small for the bag, and too personal to be left out.

Other than these, you get two heavy-duty carabiners made of steel. The two tree straps measure 20 feet altogether in length and are each an inch wide. There are ten attachment loops in total, to let you find the one for your preference. Everything here won’t harm the trees you plan to strap them on.

  • Super portable for carrying in hikes.
  • Weighs near nothing.
  • Very easy to set up with all the useful hardware.
  • Could have been wider.

Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

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Here you can finally take a look at a hammock that does not feature the material Parachute Nylon, but something as durable, if not better. This is the first in the list to deviate from the material we have been seeing so far, and is conclusively made of Ripstop Nylon.

Actually, it is made of what they call “Dynalon” ripstop. And to be honest, it is more expensive and of premium quality than what we regularly see. It is available in two shades, orange and green, and two sizes, small and large. The large one has the dimensions of 290*145 cm.

The bundle comes with the hammock and its mosquito net, premium aviation-grade alloy carabiners, and adjustable straps with ten loops on each of them. With the knot-free suspension, you can take the credit of not harming the trees.

  • Stylish aluminum carabiners.
  • Sturdy Nylon rope connections.
  • No paracord, extra carabiners, or whatsoever needed to set up the bug net.
  • You would wish it were bigger.

Lightweight Portable Nylon Swing Hammocks with Tree Straps

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This hammock we mean to discuss is for a single user, and hence the regular size of a single-person hammock, which is 108 inches of length and 55 inches of width. The overall weight of the hammock is below a pound. So it is safe to say in your trip, this is a weight reduced.

One thing that manufacturers do not pay much attention to is how easily their hammock can be cleaned. Thankfully, this one cleans easily. It also takes us back to the reign of 210T parachute nylon as the hammock material.

It comes with a pouch, is very compact, and needs no unique tool for setup. Only tie straps for support, and you’re done.

  • A very minimal survival gear that is hassle-free.
  • Optimal comfort.
  • Easy setup and takedown.
  • Very basic as a hammock.

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Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rainfly Cover

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This one gives you the best of nets and rainflies in a hammock, as we have read so far. The bug net does what it is meant to do, keeping away insects.

And the rainfly protects you from the clutches of fog, dew, and rain as you sleep like a baby inside the hammock. You will find it in 6 different color options, none of which we want to discuss, as they are the same in functionality.

Besides the hammock, you get two straps with ropes, two stakes so that the hammock does not turn over and knock you down, and four carabiners as opposed to 2 that you have been getting.

It is very lightweight and has some inside arrangements that let you hang lights and whatnot for a little reading or scrolling Facebook pre-sleep.

You can use it as a hammock, a sleeping bag, a tent, and even your children’s playhouse.

  • A great hammock for overnight stays outdoors or for lounging in the backyard.
  • Instructions are easy to understand.
  • Spacious and comfortable, with everything working.
  • You need to buy underquilts to keep warm in the winter as the lower portion is not a solid back.

Upgrade Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net and Tree Straps

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Here is another of the best camping hammocks with mosquito nets. The black and orange ones that caught our eye looks like a giant banana that went bad in the middle. Other than this, your options are olive green and khaki, or a giant green banana that went bad in the middle.

The material they used is 210T polyester coated silver, for the hammock. The mosquito nets come with blackout designs at the ends. This is keeping in mind that you don’t ruin your eyes as you keep them wide open in sunlight. You can turn it over and enjoy the view of the sky if you don’t like it, thanks to the option.

The dimensions are 290*140 cm and have a weight capacity of 440 lbs. With the hammock, you get two foldable metal poles, two steel carabiners, two straps measuring 110 inches each, with ten loops on them for adjustment and a portable stuff-sack.

  • Spacious, well-built and super cozy.
  • Economically built to last.
  • Easy to use daisy-chain suspensions.
  • Versatile net and tent setup, given additionally.
  • Thin bottom of the hammock.

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Super Lightweight Portable Parachute Hammock with Two Tree Straps

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This is the last one of the list. It is made of 210T parachute nylon and can carry a weight of 500 pounds. With the good-looking hammock, you get steel carabiners, two straps measuring 6.6 feet each with two loops for adjustment. The dimensions are 110*55 inches.

This pink/grey hammock is perfect for backpacking and is very lightweight to carry from place to place. To set it up, you can either tie knots or hang it directly over, making yourself a chill bed to relax and rest in.

  • Packs up lightly and tightly.
  • The straps are long enough even if you don’t find nearby trees.
  • Breathable and good looking hammock.
  • Tying knots is troublesome.

Why Get a Hammock?

Your purpose of getting the hammock will decide which hammock is the best one for you. In this article, we are focusing the best hammocks for camping. But as you have seen, there are basic hammocks in the list, hammocks that come with bug nets and those which don’t, hammocks that are all black or colorful.

You can use your hammock as a replacement for your bed, for hiking, trekking, backpacking, traveling, lounging, outdoors or indoors, as a permanent shelter or relaxing beside the pool.

Factors for Buying for the Best Camping Hammock

There are four factors that you can go for when buying your hammock. They include comfort, price, portability, and appearance. You will be lucky if you find all 4 of them in one hammock. Without talking much, here are some useful facts:

Firstly, considering comfort. D you plan to spend plenty of your time on your hammock? If this is where most of your leisure time is destined to pass, the longer time you spend, the more comfortable your hammock needs to be. If it is just like a garden showpiece that won’t be used more than a few times per year, you do not need to put so much effort into buying a comfortable one. If you are using it daily, not to mention for sleeping at night, then comfort is your prime factor.

Secondly, price is another factor that is quite troublesome to tackle. For one, you could get cheap hammocks sacrificing the quality, or you could think that if something is priced low, it definitely means that the hammock is bad. Again, you may think that the higher the price, the better the material they have put in, and the better the hammock. But not necessarily, and these two options often exchange boundaries.

Thirdly, the portability factor with components such as a lightweight dress and a compact form is to be considered. Portability is essential if you plan to travel with your hammock. Portability is mandatory if you plan to go trekking. And with portability comes the condition that when folded, your hammock with its hardware or not should be light. If possible, it should be ultralight. On the other hand, if you have plan on carrying them only when you are setting them up in your backyard as a permanent shelter, you don’t need portability.

Lastly, the appearance of your hammock is another factor you can consider. Although this is not so important, some people prefer to make appearances matter, and if your hammock is not Insta-friendly, how will you share pictures? So get the hammocks that match with your personality and taste.

Other than these, factors such as the material of the hammock, its breathability, strength, durability, wear and tear resistance, stitches, seams, knitting, ropes, straps, carabiners, even the carrying bag itself that is intended to hold everything needs to be checked before buying.

Final Word

This brings us to the end of the guide and reviews on the best hammocks for camping. We hope you learned some things or 2 about purchasing them, whether for your backyard or for the unknown places you will go for an adventure this year.

Whatever the case, you just need to know that you are inventing tolerable sums, and so whatever you pick must not embarrass you later. Take our advice and choose from the ones on the list or go for something tried and tested for the ultimate experience.





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